Our vast experiences in various technology areas allow us to offer industry leading solutions in creating optimal products. In addition we are able to match up technologies in a very effective way – this ability is often crucial when developing custom products or solutions.

High-performance RF

This is one of our key fields of experience. Module to system-level design, custom design to off the shelf module integration, active and passive, LNAs to PAs, drop-in amps to downconverter systems – this is what we do, all the way to 23GHz.

Wireless Telemetry

A broad term for devices with RF radios, from simple ASK transmitters to smartcards to more complex high-sensitivity and low-power wireless sensor devices with proprietary network protocols. The majority of our work is in the ISM frequency bands up to 2.4GHz, and we can utilize numerous devices, from simple radios to Bluetooth SoC’s, from the wide range of available solutions.


Ever since the 2nd Word War radar has been an exciting technology. Our experience includes development of high-performance radar systems to simple radar sensor applications, keeping performance level high and unit cost low.


We can assist to identify and integrate almost any sensing technology into a hardware solution. These include sensors for optic, movement, vibration, temperature, voltage/current, RF power, level detection, smartcard and logging applications.These implementations often require some level of analogue and / or digital design, which is right up our alley.

Embedded microcontrollers

At the core of most products is often some form of microcontroller. On a daily basis we’re involved with microcontroller solutions across the whole spectrum – various manufacturers, 8-bit to 32-bit, whatever peripheral.


Field Programmable Gate Arrays are usually used in high speed applications requiring high computational power. We are use Altera FPGA’s for high speed digital communication systems and radar applications. Low cost FPGA’s are also used in applications were traditional micro-controllers don’t have the necessary resources for a specific application e.g. a micro-controller with 10 UARTS.

Embedded code

In addition to an embedded hardware solution, we can also provide very efficient and versatile coding solution – this in-house hardware-software combination often leads to a very optimal total solution. Be it a high level VHDL solution for radar target detection, or efficient C coding for a low-powerdevice, we can do it.

Battery Powered Devices

The applications for low power battery powered devices remain numerous. With vast experience in battery technologies, low power microcontrollers and efficient coding techniques, we can offer a very competitive solution for whatever low power / battery operated device one may have.


GSM technology remains a key connectivity to add to products. Our lists of implementations with data and voice solutions from various modem manufacturers is extensive, and include low cost 2G, high-end 3G, intelligent modules etc.


The global positioning system technology is not new; however the applications remain novel and exciting. The range of GPS modules is ever-increasing in performance and decreasing in size and cost, opening up more and more applications for GPS.

Printed Circuit Board Layout

Our PCB design is predominantly done in-house, resulting in a very efficient combination of optimizing performance and minimizing design time, especially when the circuits contain RF or microwave sections.


When dealing with RF circuits an antenna is often part of the required solution. We have integrated a vast amount of antennas operating across the frequency spectrum – we can also assist investigated custom or product-specific antenna solutions.

Stand-alone PC apps

Although not our core technology focus, we can provide a standalone PC application customized to control and / or monitor a developed hardware device or system.

Enclosure Design

Our technical ability is essentially purely electronic; however, we’re often required to offer “complete” product solutions, including enclosure design and manufacturing – for this we collaborate closely with proven and competent mechanical engineers and industrial designers.

Prototyping and Manufacturing

We can deliver a wide range of end products ranging from quick turnaround time prototypes to managed manufacturing and qualification of large volumes.